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amazon tours cruise travel, costa rica tourSince 1992, Explorations Inc. continues to offer premier, adventures of discovery tours! Our goal is to provide fun and educational learning experiences while introducing discerning travelers to past and present indigenous cultures and the world of nature. By means of well-paced and in-depth tour itineraries, expert guides, small group size and informal education, participants gain a better understanding of natural history and other cultures.

Our Amazon tours include Amazon Jungle Safaris with rainforest lodges for excellent birding and wildlife viewing and the worlds longest Rainforest Canopy Walkway, Amazon River cruises on small river boats from Iquitos, Peru. We also explore the Andes in Peru with programs to Machu Picchu and Cuzco and trip extensions to other great destinations in Peru such as Tambopata, Lake Titikaka, Nazca (Nasca) Lines and Paracas. Plus, we can customize stays and itineraries in Lima, Trujillo, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, etc.

In addition to educational tours and travel in Peru, we provide great value and tours in Costa Rica tours and Mundo Maya.

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Explorations Inc.'s adventures include:amazon cruise tour and travel jungle rainforest treetop canopy walkway, ACEER, ACT

Amazon Jungle Safari © with overnights in serene jungle lodges, located in rainforest reserves for great bird/wildlife viewing! In addition to expert resident guides, the 8-day tour is escorted by a qualified USA biologist. You will travel over 300 miles on the Amazon River and its tributaries and overnight near areas that may contain the highest diversity of bird and tree species in the world! You will also experience the longest Treetop Canopy Walkway in the Americas! Now over a quarter of a mile long, with a maximum height of 118 feet, it provides safe access to a seldom seen part of the rain forest. Not only can you get a different perspective of the rain forest by viewing it from 100 feet up on the canopy walkway system, you will also get a different perspective on life from visits with the local natives.

Amazon river boat cruise tour travel expedition

amazon boat tour cruise

Our various Amazon River Cruises take you miles on the Amazon River from Iquitos, Peru downriver to Leticia, Columbia and Tabatinga, Brazil, or upriver to the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve and Tapaiche River during the different 8-day, natural history itineraries! Using the small and informal cruise ships, the M/V Arapaima and the M/V Rio Amazonas, enables the traveler to explore remote regions of the upper Amazon close-up and in basic comfort. The river boats have 3 decks and air-conditioned cabins with private baths. The varied daily excursions, led by professional naturalists (and a USA scholar escort on special charters), provide an insightful examination of life along the world's mightiest river!

Amazon River tour scene, Iquitos, Peru

Machu Picchu tour travel Inca archaeology, cusco or cuzco, peru

Andean Inca Exploration © Inka ruins tour travel, Inca archaeology, Pisac, Peruexplores the scenic Sacred Valley of the Inca, including an overnight at magnificent Machu Picchu! Overnights in the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco and visits to incredible archaeological sites provide an outstanding cultural experience. The 8-day adventure offers a great introduction to the colorful Andean peoples, their environment, history and art. (This educational exploration to one of the world's best travel destinations may also be combined with our Amazon Explorations.)

costa rica tour travel Guatemala maya tourCosta Rica Exploration © explores a wide range of ecosystems and wildlife habitats; from mountain cloud forests to tropical beaches. It has a strong focus on learning about the different geographical areas and ecosystems visited. The goal is to explore Costa Rica's grand diversity with an itinerary that is conducive to the discovery of nature's secrets and to achieve a better understanding of the Costa Rican peoples.

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Mundo Maya Exploration © explores the world of the Maya in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and southern Mexico. Comprehensive itineraries allow for an encompassing examination of Mesoamerica's extraordinary archaeology, beautiful natural scenery, and fascinating peoples. The scholar escorted programs are designed to provide time for interactive discovery, help reconstruct the ancient world of the Maya, inform of today's indigenous cultures and explore the region's scenic natural wonders.

Palenque mayan ruins tour travel , Chiapas, Mexico

Also available are custom Peru itineraries for small groups AND for the angler, our Amazon Fishing Adventures feature Peacock Bass and other exotic species!

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Link to our Mundo Maya Exploration page for information about our cultural and archaeology tours into the world of the Maya.

Link to our Go Exploring page for information on the Nazca Lines, Lake Titakaka, more Latin American destinations, custom group tours, and links to other sites of interest.

Link to our Suriname Exploration page for information on a travel tour in Suriname.

Link to our Go Fishing page for information about Sportfishing programs in Latin America such as our Amazon Fishing Adventure for Peacock Bass and other exotic species.

What past clients have written about our tours:

(People with a love of nature and foreign cultures are sure to have a great time, but you do not have to take just our word for it! Below are direct quotes taken from the Trip Critiques of past participants regarding the best parts of the trip and other comments:)Peru tour travel photos

J. Heyde: "No surprises, just as advertised! Your in country tour guides and hosts are absolutely first class. When you sign up for foreign tours without the benefit of face to face..., you are naturally skeptical about how it will all turn out, especially being aware that you might be stuck in the boondocks and not able to even speak the language. I don't know how you do what you do in planning these trips, but it exceeded my expectations."

C. Cyrus: "I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with your level of service, knowledge of the area and friendly helpfulness - as I usually plan my own trips independently. So to use an agent that actually provided what they promised was especially nice."

J. Ackerman: "The variety of plant, animal and insect life. Also seeing the way the people along the river live. Just getting away from it all and relaxing was great, and a nice change of pace."

K. Toni: "The entire trip was great, far beyond anything I expected... This trip really was one fantastic thing after another. I was a little apprehensive about doing it at first, because I was traveling alone and going to a place that I didn't know much about, but any apprehension was erased the first day."

M. Betzold: "This was for me a most enlightening adventure. I was awed and inspired by everything I experienced, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did!"

J. Ackerman: "The canopy walkway, the variety of plant, animal and insect life. Also seeing the way the people along the river live."

S. Schmitt: "Walking through the jungle, climbing up in the canopy, trading with the local Indians."

L. Kalber: "The entire time aboard the ship - great food, nice cabins, wonderful weather (no insects!) and the view from the top observation deck. The day trips were major highlights - boat excursions to see wildlife, natives, etc."

L. Travis: "The very different lives and distinctive lifestyles and cultures. The warmth of the people of Peru, the friends made on the ship, Machu Picchu, traveling without fear or hassle."

R. Hanka: "The daily activities; The Amazon River itself; I can't think of anything bad; The nights on the Amazon River were outstanding, very interesting."

L. Kochendorfer: "Primitiveness of the jungle. Good shopping in Cuzco. Fantastic Inca ruins and mountains."

J. Laurich: "The organization was excellent, the itinerary was full and very complete, the food was outstanding, the guides were wonderful"

V. Hubbard: "The accommodations were unusual-interesting-exciting-better than I expected... I recommend this trip highly!"

J. Prater: ""Scenery of the Andes, Sacred Valley and twilight return to Cuzco, train ride to Machu Picchu! Sitting on the second deck of the ship, launch rides up the tributaries, visits into home of Amazones"

I. Barger: "Trip was fantastic! Everything I hoped it would be!"

H. O'Rourke: "I had a great time and a wonderful experience which I will remember forever."

W. Walser: "Everybody had only good things to say about every aspect of this trip! ...The food in the lodges was unbelievably good, wholesome and well combined. I can only recommend your services."

Alice Hollingsworth: "Seeing an entirely new culture - visiting the school and village - trading with the villagers - having the guides share their knowledge"

K. Thomas: "The relaxation in the jungle! No pressures. The guides were great. It was great to see them enjoy their lands and traditions. They were more than willing to help answer questions and most of all- have fun."

J. Ekoniak: "Fantastic vacation on every count: the place visited, the group I was part of, the local people and the company that packaged it. The quality of the destination was matched by the quality of your organization. I appreciate and admire your personal and business ethics, Charlie. I enjoyed speaking with you. Thanks."

D. Dean: "All I can say is it was great, fabulous, wonderful, etc.- I just hope it stays the way it is and I hope to go back some day.."

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About Explorations Inc.

We believe our trips help provide much needed income to the developing countries involved and such tourism also promotes preservation of natural resources and cultural traditions that may otherwise be lost under the pressures of the modern world. Explorations, Inc. is committed to providing quality adventure travel experiences and excellent personal service. By means of informal education and well paced travel, our goal is to facilitate a better understanding of the natural world and of cultures past and present. Explorations of distant places may not only teach us more about different cultures, we may also learn more about ourselves!

Explorations Inc. is licensed and registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel, since 1992. The phone number for the Florida Department of Commerce is 850-992-2966 and our SOT registration number is 15176. We are also registered in California as Seller of Travel #2021110-40. We are also a TSI Member of IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network). An escrow account for trip payments is available - call for details. Additional professional and client references are available upon request. Our Email address is

Explorations Inc.
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Call anytime to receive detailed trip brochures or more information!

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